Saturday 12 October 2013

Acts of faith

The Blacksmith Bureau had a single, polemical, purpose – to help Goncalo Amaral in every honest way it could against the activities of two ruthless con-artists too deep into their scam ever to get out: using the funds they'd conned from the public with their false claims they ambushed and tried to destroy him because they knew silence was tantamount to accepting the truth of what he wrote.

Now it’s different. The Interrupted Investigation is about faith, not certainty, that if the truth is laid out for anyone to read it can help the cause of justice.

There are no conspiracy theories here, no belief in political interference, no assertions, no claims of inside knowledge. When I make interpretations they are solidly grounded on those facts. Since 2010 neither supporters of the McCanns nor Kate McCann herself (“it’s just a rumour”) have been able to rebut, let alone refute, any of the examples I give of the McCanns’ constant lying and plotting in their own, very mysterious, interests.

They all avoid the actual accusations I make, from the fact that  the co-author of the Archiving Summary swore on oath that they had lied about events on May 3 2007, to the fact that Kate McCann did not turn down her lawyer’s suggestion of a possible plea bargain with the police  in September 2007 (read Madeleine, page 243, paragraph 2 very carefully); that, for exactly the same reason (neutral witnesses present to correct the record on oath if necessary) Jane Tanner neither confirmed nor denied identifying Robert Murat as the abductor to Leicester police, through to the fact that they are lying now, after Kate McCann attempted too late to save herself by settling with Amaral before he could set in train the mechanisms that may expose her. Soon, God willing, one at least of them will have to answer for some of those lies in the witness box in Lisbon.

I’ve made it clear that any time one of the Team McCann or the Tapas 7 members, or lawyers acting on their behalf, point out, with evidence, errors in my claims I will immediately withdraw them. They never ring.

So one goes on laying out the facts in the possibly vain hope that not just critics or enemies of the couple but ordinary people, including journalists who were conned, will do what the supporters and shills can’t bring themselves to do: accept the truth.