Friday 18 October 2013

The long Calvary of Gerry & Kate

The search for Madeleine, funded by the public, achieves its results quietly and away from the public gaze. That is why people like Goncalo Amaral must not be allowed to wreck it. While investigators  have come and gone two people, Kate & Gerry McCann, have carried the search burden at incredible emotional cost and exertion.

But their long Calvary may at last be heading for an end: statistical analysis by scientists and criminologists at our sister publication The Bureau has revealed a definite pattern of probable localities where the child Madeleine is very likely to be found. In good time we will be passing the results to Scotland Yard. Here is a brief summary of the research.


The searchers are funded out of public donations to a private company "the fund". Although the company has a number of activities, such as assisting house purchases in deprived areas like Rothley, Leics. and supporting needy professionals, such as lawyers  fallen on hard times, plus consciousness-raising among the public by paid PR  specialists – who do an excellent job! – and lobbying the government for support action, its main aim is the search.


Details will be found elsewhere. Briefly "Hotspots" of Madeleine's possible presence are identified by  search patterns. We do not know why some areas show almost no search activity while others glow like gold and hum with activity. To give an example Madeleine comes from Liverpool, yet our research shows that there has never been any significant searching there. The reasons are a complete  mystery at present.

Not Here Mate

 not dom pedro 1

Not a single Hotspot trace here in Liverpool

not dom pedro 2

Essex: no search activity here

not dom pedro 3

Areas like this in the USA are zero probability say search intensity results

not dom pedro 4

Does climate affect hide-out & search possibilities?


The Hotspots

dompedro hotel wih car

Prime Hotspot with high McCann search activity

Top Hotspot - the relatively unexplored site above indicates heavy abductor presence and searching. It is described as:

"Centrally located, this deluxe hotel offers elegant guest rooms and a full range of spa facilities. Dom Pedro Palace is 750 metres from the nearest Metro station and 15-minutes' drive from the Lisbon Airport.

The Dom Pedro Spa is open daily and offers an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, steam bath, sauna and cardio-fitness room. There are also 5 treatment rooms where guests can enjoy a range of massages and therapies."

Could she still be in Portugal?

not dom pedro 5

Hotel Belavista da Luz

This dirty little abductor shelter may hold the key. According to Rough Guide to Cheap Guest Houses which the fund is  believed to use, it is:

"Overlooking the bay of Praia da Luz with its sandy beach only 800 metres away.Guests at Belavista Da Luz can enjoy the on-site tennis court and gym, while children entertain themselves in the playground. [Is that why the parents investigated this place so thoroughly?]  It is also possible to relax in the heated pool or to book a massage."

Kate McCann forced herself to battle these conditions and search thoroughly in 2007. It was the beginning of a long, arduous and emotionally draining experience. At least the fund was there to help them.

not dom pedro 6

Tivoli Hotel, Lagos

The sacrifice continues. The McCanns made themselves  stay here and confront the possibility that a sports pervert paedophile may have brought Madeleine here by car. No results yet in this barren and inhospitable wasteland in Portugal. The value for money Rough Guide again: 

"Two outdoor swimming-pools for adults and children and one indoor swimming-pool with Jacuzzi. Health club (sauna, Turkish bath, massage parlour and keep fit gymnasium). There are 8 golf courses in a radius of 20 Km from Lagos... water sports & tennis at the Duna Beach Club. Tivoli Lagos is a 4-star resort featuring spa facilities and a courtyard with swimming pool. It offers a free shuttle service to its private beach on Meia Praia.

All of the air-conditioned rooms at the Tivoli have a balcony and offer satellite TV and a minibar. The Duna beach club, set on 4 miles of beach, has a large swimming pool with sunbathing area and a cocktail bar. It also offers a variety of water sports, including kite surfing and water skiing."

not dom pedro 7

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

America's leading lady helped them investigate the impoverished and crime ridden city of Chicago. Unsubstantiated rumours have claimed that the child may be staying with a Mr Jimmy Hoffa. In her tortured record of the experience  poor Kate wrote :

"A choice of clothes and shoes had been brought to our hotel for me. Later that morning we were taken over to the Harpo Studios and introduced to Oprah’s team. I had my make-up and hair done by two lovely ladies (if only I could look like that every day!)."

The Dutch connection?

not dom pedro 8

Miserable little Amsterdam

Another Hotspot. The water-threatened and possibly mosquito ridden city of Amsterdam. The pain of searching here was now beginning to crush poor Kate. As she wrote:

"On our descent into Schipol airport, the sensations that were now becoming familiar returned: the tight throat, the stinging, wet eyes, the heavy, dragging feeling in my chest. Oh God, how could this be? Amsterdam held so many happy memories of the year we’d lived there with Madeleine. How could we be coming back without her? I’m so sorry, Madeleine. I’m so, so sorry."

not dom pedro hotel 9

Stricken Kate & Gerry in Amsterdam

Oh sad, benighted Dutch city, haunted by the spirit of Ann Frank. Will Madeleine ever be free? Or will my tears trickle forever into those  canals! (Local graffito).

not dom pedro 10

Rome – possible ritual abuse hiding place

Kate hated this incessant searching but duty is duty. As she confided to the privacy of her book:

"Sir Philip Green kindly offered us the use of his private jet. But what would people say? That we were hobnobbing with celebrities and swanning around in the lap of luxury while our daughter was suffering? …In the end we accepted Sir Philip’s offer for logistical and emotional reasons. The key factor was that it would dramatically reduce the period of time we’d need to spend away from Amelie and Sean."

"We were informed that we would need to wear ‘dark suits’ to meet the Pope. Clothes again! On the Tuesday morning Gerry and I went to a big shopping centre to buy something appropriate. As a woman who could not yet enjoy a snack in a cafĂ© without feeling guilty, I could not get my head round this. My daughter was missing and here we were shopping!"

not dom pedro 11

Madrid. Had Metodo pointed Kate & Gerry there? Or something else?

Not just the fund but other well-wishers lightened the load. Their stay in this gloomy and poverty-stricken city was helped by good, decent people. Kate wrote:

"We were met at Madrid airport by several British Embassy staff, a liaison officer and two press officers, as well as a crowd of journalists and photographers, and taken to the hotel where we were to spend the night."

not dom pedro 12

Austerity Berlin

This grim ruin almost broke Kate's spirit but a search is a search. Kate wrote:

"For this three-legged trip we’d been offered the use of a plane by one of the directors of Netjets, a company that sells fractional jet ownership (a bit like a holiday-home timeshare, only with planes), which we accepted gratefully for the same reasons as we’d decided to accept Sir Philip Green’s help to get us to Rome. Again, a small press contingent travelled with us."


Their endless odyssey continues. But we believe that  Madeleine will be found. The Hotspot evidence shows that Kate & Gerry have almost destroyed themselves by venturing into these paedophile and hunchback infested badlands. The money that has enabled them to walk this Sacred Road of Suffering has been well spent. Let Clarence "Freak" Mitchell, another tireless beneficiary of our money, have the last word.Asked about the fund expenditure on the  latest search of the network of hidden passages and  vaults in the Dom Pedro Palace he said, on the record:

"This type of travel obviously fits into the search for Madeleine which is the Fund's purpose. That was what it was created for and Madeleine's parents will never use it for anything else apart from that".

"We have 800 thousand pounds, which is 880.170,36 euros. We don't have money problems. People continue to help us".

dom pedro hotel

The leader of the latest  McCann search party is greeted by a guide

Our Social Affairs Editor Antonella datzaLeper says:

What's wrong with people? 200 to 250 euros, the cost of a single room in the paedophile-infested Dom Pedro flophouse is money well spent and Madeleine may well be found wedged into the wine racks in its famous cellars.

For comparison 250 euros would only fund an outing for 15 Mexican gang-victim orphans, or medicine for an African HIV infected orphan for 32 days. Yes, 880 000 euros would feed an entire Liberian province for three  months, but let's be realistic, shall we? Where do you want Kate and Gerry to stay when they're searching, a bloody Premier Inn without even a beauty salon? Or a caravan? Get real, haters.