Saturday 19 October 2013

Another comments issue


Soon the streets of Norbury will be filled with cheers and tears as Maddie is brought home. I had an idea, John, and wrote to the council suggesting a little road next to our estate be re-named Madeleine's  Close! Do you see the double meaning? In these unhappy times sometimes it is best to laugh. Well we all do what we can, don't we?  But the council (lib-dem of course) said no. And then I found out it is a dead end filled with overflowing  and smelly wheelie bins, so perhaps they were Right. Keep up your work to get her home Mr Blacksmith.

Justice for Maddie (from Norbury)

No carnation for you! Karl Krause long ago exposed the way the British Empire uses "plants" like you to hide its real action, like the way it steals  Goa, the most beautiful part of the world and give it away to the turbans. You will be exposed one day.

J. Piri-Piri, address withheld. 

Since going through some traumatic episodes I have become a Quaker, learned Humility  and moved closer to God. Madeleine is close to my heart. Now will you shut the fuck up?

Rebekah B. Rollright Stones Bail Centre, Oxon.

Hello Jon. You have  to mask your knowledge of what really happened to little Madeleine for the lawyers by being very careful how you say things. You know that and I know that right? What about writing to me with your real feelings about how those filthy murderers of very sweet little girls actually did it? You know, no holds bard. Please enclose diagrams, pics  etc. and sign it by Hand so I'll know its from you.

Michael Write, "Agent Provocateur"  Lingerie Shop, Skipton.  

You blacksmith stink. Like Amaral's fat arse. I read this in Lisbon paper from my homeland  today and translate it for haters like you. "The hiatus of Maddie United think only them from Atlantic know truth when overhead valve engine sings. No! they not do! Port you Geese not fuels be leave in lovely sweet little Maddie. Haiti's  will never whinny. "

See? My countrymen have those like you well worked out. You blacksmith are small fart of Amaral big behind.

Pedro Silva [for it is he] Tagus Cottage, Tayside, Scotland  (on holiday here).

I was just talking to hubby in the green room before putting down your latest hate-filled anti-Maddy missive. Had to douse myself in a flagon of Chanel to get rid of its odorous malice, spilling it all over my devilishly sheer tights. Oh well, 14 guests and a few bottles of Dong Perignon on the terrace will take away the nasty taste you have left. Then into the firm arms of my man. Repent.

Judie Drooly, chatelaine, Leytonstone.

Go on, tell us what really happened! All the filth and blood!  Plain SAE enclosed. Be sure to sign it.

Michaela Wrong, "Rosebud", Skipton, Yorks.

One more joke about my piles from you Bullshit and I give you fair warning that armed members of the disability commission will be knocking on your door. Put your spliff down and smell the coffee. Thirteen rear-end operations have hardened me.

Mary. Floor 28, Blasted Heath Estate,  Glamis, Scotland.

BB gun. Your arse is mine.

Pedro Silva [for it is he]  C/o Portuguese Cultural Centre, Glasgow.

From Tony Parsons, the Mirror:(—) Nope, fuck off Parsons.