Sunday 20 October 2013

Mr Redwood’s new rules

Less than a week and all terribly changed! Scotland Yard’s new findings have altered the case for ever. Twitter subscribers please note,  Mr Redwood has made the “no evidence of abduction” tweet obsolete.

His investigation means there is a new conclusion: There is evidence of abduction – all of it false.



Dr David Payne & his typed & submitted  false evidence of the abductor



May 4 False evidence to police: That it seemed to him that the shutters of the bedroom window were open without knowing if the window was also open.

May 10 False evidence to police: Consequently, he is convinced that at the time of the second check the shutters were more open than on the first check.

April 2008 Retraction of false evidence to Leicester police: I definitely didn’t see the shutters up, the curtains were definitely not disturbed.

Mathew Oldfield and his false evidence of  abductor intrusion

mitchell again

Clarence Mitchell with false evidence of abduction in left hand

Here’s the updated abduction evidence in full


McCann family – forced apartment door. False, refuted by eyewitness and forensic evidence.

McCann family – damaged shutters. False, refuted by police forensics.

Kate McCann alone – open shutters. Uncorroborated by passers-by or forensics.

Kate McCann alone – open window. Uncorroborated by passers-by. No forensic corroboration.

Jane Tanner – abductor seen moving away from apartment. False/mistaken, sighting eliminated by UK police.

David Payne & others – further description of abductor, in writing. False, claimed abductor eliminated by UK police.

Mathew Oldfield – open shutters. False. Claim withdrawn under Leicester police questioning.

Clarence Mitchell – abductor sighting. “When Gerry had told Clarence about Jane Tanner’s sighting he was astounded that this still hadn’t been made public. We decided we would really push the PJ to release this critical piece of information in the hope of identifying this man and child.” False. Abductor never existed.

The Smith sighting, due to its distance from the apartment, could not be treated as direct abduction evidence in the same way as the Tanner phantom, who was only yards away from the apartment. Just what its status is we will no doubt find out from Scotland Yard.

Quite a list of lies, evasions, inventions and fantasy, isn't it?

The usual prizes for Twitter refutation of any of the above facts.